Thoughts From Your Nevada Child Custody Attorney

Having to hire a Nevada child custody attorney to review your case can be awful and stressful. It is very important to know that, if you are having to fight for custody, you make sure you are making some good and solid decisions. It’s important to educate yourself as much as possible, and it’s preferable to hire a qualified attorney as well. If you want to gain custody of your kids, you have to be able to demonstrate to the court that you are a responsible parent in every way.

Let’s take a closer look at what you have to focus on in a child custody case.

Just remember that you need to put your children on the top of your list of priorities at all cost. Even though it may seem like you are only thinking of the kids when you are going through this ordeal; you may actually get wrapped up in the process and put your kids on the back burner. Usually, neither parent is too outlandish nor exhibit characteristics that stand out; so it becomes a struggle. So when the two parents are both relatively normal, the court will make the decision on what the arrangement will be for the children. This decision will be made looking at which household will offer best transition without distress. When the children are used to the house, location or maybe school in one particular area; it may be best if they stay with that parent. When you are organizing your plans you need to keep your child in mind at all times and what would be the most favorable thing for them.

In some situations, mediation is a fantastic alternative to going to court when you want to win in a child custody case. This is actually a growing trend, and it’s something you might want to consider. Studies show that when both parents agree to mediation, an agreement can be reached in most cases. This is great for parents and children alike. This option is also cheaper and faster than going to court. Mediation is also quite a lot easier on kids because it is based around dialogue and not conflict. Sometimes mediation isn’t possible but it should be the first thing you try.

When you are trying to navigate courts and legal matters, it is important to have a lot of documentation. It is not going to be enough to simply tell a judge what you have done for your child; you need to be able to prove all of it. This includes things like receipts, financial records and any other documentation that you want to show the court. Photographs can sometimes be useful as well, so you can show the state of your home and the child’s room. In addition to regular documentation, you should also keep notes of anything that you may need to talk about later. You might think all of this is a pain but in child custody cases being able to prove and demonstrate everything is incredibly important.

Child custody fights can be quite difficult and complicated and this article has only considered the surface level of things. As soon as you can, you should get good legal representation. Short of this, do research on the child custody laws in your area and don’t move forward until you’re sure that you’re moving in the right direction. If you would like to speak with a highly qualified attorney about your child custody modification, call our office and schedule an appointment with Molly, she will answer your questions and help you save your family.