The Benefits of a Domestic Partnership

Those of you reading this probably aren’t sure of what a domestic partnership is, or what benefits you’re entitled to through one in Las Vegas. First, we should go over the history of a domestic partnership and the reason for its creation.

They started in the 80s after lesbian and gay rights activists fought for recognition of their relationships. They demanded that the same rights that heterosexual marriages were entitled to be granted to them. Through this movement, companies began offering benefits to domestic partnership households. Hawaii became the first state to grant these benefits to all same-sex couples, throughout the state.

The Benefits of a Domestic Partnership

It is important to state that these partnerships are not seen as marriages. In stating that, the benefits almost mirror those of a heterosexual marriage. Those that are granted domestic partnerships can be entitled to health, dental, and vision insurance. Other forms of insurance available are health and life insurance. If a child is a part of the household, you could be entitled to parental leave.

Death benefits, housing rights, tuition reduction, sick and bereavement leave, and use of recreational facilities may be included a domestic partnership. Even with all these benefits in the partnership, there is still controversy surrounding it.

Members of the LGBTQ community as well as many others believe that they should have the right to marry, no matter their sexual orientation. The argument is still being had for the rights of transgender citizens. Some believe that if domestic partnership was created for same-sex couples, heterosexual couples shouldn’t be able to apply. This is why the fight for equality still goes on to this day.

Filing for a Domestic Partnership

In many areas across the United States, domestic partnerships are limited to gay and lesbian couples. In other areas of the nation, the partnership is instead called a civil union. When filing for a domestic partnership, many aspects of your life with your partner are scrutinized. Some aspects that would be looked at include shared expenses, years together, living situations, and how the couple would terminate the partnership if the situation arose. In Las Vegas, domestic partnerships are granted by the state of Nevada.

Other aspects that could be looked at are the sexual orientation of the two individuals. If you are a heterosexual couple, the question of marriage would be brought up. This is one reason why domestic partnerships are limited to certain couples. This is to aid in stopping abuse of domestic partnerships and their potential benefits.

The states that don’t have a clear definition of what a domestic partnership is will take each individual case and determine on their own if the heterosexual couple will be granted the partnership.

To help in your process of filing for the partnership, looking up your state’s individual guidelines is recommended. If your state takes each case and looks at the individual facts before making a decision, it might be worth attempting to gain the benefits for you and your significant other. Each company offering benefits may or may not offer all of the above mentioned benefits. Every company is different in the way they see domestic partnerships.