Some Common Questions About Family Law in Las Vegas NV

Among the many questions about family law is one of the most basic imaginable: Just what does family law in Las Vegas, NV, cover? The attorneys that practice this area of the law will be able to help people with the following matters:

• Divorce or Annulment
• Custody
• Paternity
• Child Support
• Name Changes
• Guardianships
• Adoption
• Parental Rights
• CPS (Child Protective Service Matters)
• Wills/Probate/Trusts
• Power of Attorney

Clearly, none of these issues are legal matters that should be handled on your own. Whether you or someone you know is dealing with one or more of these kinds of family law in Las Vegas, they should get the help of a qualified and experienced attorney.

As an example of this, in a July of 2015 article in the prestigious magazine, “The Atlantic”, touched on the unusual case of a man who was unmarried to the mother of his child and who had to pursue a relentless legal battle to maintain custody of the infant when the mother decided to put the baby up for adoption.
Without the ongoing assistance of a team of family law experts, the young father would have been unable to take even one step forward in his pursuit of custody.

Less Dramatic Issues

Naturally, very few of the issues that require expertise in family law are of such a dramatic nature, but it does illustrate the significance of seeking legal counsel.

And as one legal website so aptly pointed out, many people believe they will have a chance to talk to a judge about their case. Most do get to speak to a judge, but it is usually only in the courtroom. This makes it essential to get the right voice speaking on your behalf.

As is the case with so many legal matters, most of the issues around family law in Las Vegas have time limits on filing claims, paperwork, and other important information. Though there are many websites proclaiming that you can handle something as significant as a divorce or annulment as a “DIY” venture, missing a single filing deadline can force you back to the beginning of the process.

Family law is an expansive issue. The Family Division of the Eighth Judicial District Court, which presides over family cases, has twenty judges actively sitting the bench. The court has officially gone on the record concerning the great majority of family law cases initiated by people without the advice of legal counsel. These types of cases usually end with many challenges in the court or cases being prolonged or dropped because of mistakes. To handle the problems this has caused, the state has had to create a huge array of videos and materials to help people make their way through the various family law channels, and it proves the good sense of hiring an attorney if you find yourself involved the family courts in Nevada.