Services Available At Las Vegas Family Court

The Family Court in Las Vegas Nevada offers a variety of services in an effort to make litigating a family law matter easier to understand and easier to manage. This article contains a list of services you may find at the family court.

1. Family Mediation Center

The Family Mediation Center (FMC) is a service offered by the family court in Las Vegas to help parents resolve custody issues. There is a fee for participating in mediation and the cost is determined on a sliding scale based upon your income. During mediation, parents meet with a neutral, third party (not your judge) who will help try to develop a parenting plan for your children. The process is confidential and the judge will not be advised as to what was discussed during mediation. In most cases, the judge will order mediation, or the parties can simply ask for an FMC referral before going to Court. For more information about FMC, you can visit their website at

2. Court Clerk’s Office

The Court Clerk’s Office is the record keeper and preserver of all court paperwork. The court clerks are also responsible for scheduling hearings and maintaining all of the judges’ daily calendars. If you are handling a family law case on your own, you will likely visit the clerk’s office several times during your case. The Court Clerks cannot give legal advice.

3. Family Violence Intervention Program (TPO Office)

The Family Violence Intervention Program provides assistance to individuals seeking to obtain protective orders in family court. The program is a cooperative effort between the family court and Safe Nest. The program offers information about protective orders, court procedures, safety planning, community awareness and domestic violence.

4. Self Help Center

The Self Help Center at Family Court is located on the first floor of the family court at 601 N Pecos Road, Las Vegas Nevada. The self help center offers information to those individuals who seek to represent themselves. The center maintains a plethora of materials including court forms that are commonly used during a family court case. Like the Clerk’s Office, the Self Help Center does not provide legal advice.

5. Donna’s House

Donna’s House is located in the Family Mediation Center at the family court. Donna’s House provides supervised visits and exchanges for child custody matters. Donna’s House services can only be obtained are strictly Court ordered. Prior to the start of any visitation or exchange service, all parties must attend orientation within 30 days of the Court Order.