Reasons for Prenuptial Agreements in Las Vegas, NV

A recent story in the Las Vegas Review Journal described the immense expense of celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis’ divorce from her husband, Todd Thompson. Because the pair had no “prenup,” her now ex-husband walked away with a multi-million dollar home, a large art collection and a hefty monthly child support payment. She also loses half of her advances for cookbooks, though she did get all of the rights to her cookbooks and film productions. Phew!

If that story doesn’t illustrate the need for prenuptial agreements in Las Vegas, NV (and everywhere else) little else does. Though we think that a spouse can only come after us for half of our current assets, this one story shows that a spouse can take a lot more. Without prenuptial agreements Las Vegas it is possible to see assets divided, future earnings tapped, hefty alimony or support payments levied, and there is one thing that many overlook – debt.

Jointly held debt remains jointly held in divorce, unless a prenuptial agreement steps in to the rescue. And the best prenuptial agreements in Las Vegas don’t just look at the ugly potentials and “what ifs”, but also take into consideration issues that can cause the kinds of tensions that might lead to divorce.

Yes, there are many prenuptial agreements in Las Vegas and other parts of the world that look at things like religious upbringing of kids, annual holiday arrangements, and the kinds of responsibilities that each party has in the marriage. For example, one legal article provides this immense list of things that many people have incorporated into prenups:

• Retirement benefits
• Income, deductions, and claims for filing your tax returns
• Management of household bills and expenses
• Management of joint bank accounts, if any
• Arrangement regarding investing in certain purchases or projects, like a house or business
• Management of credit card spending and payments
• Savings contributions
• Property distribution to the survivor, including life insurance, in the event of death
• Arrangements for putting one or the other through school
• Settlement of potential disagreements, such as using mediation or arbitration

Why do these things when your romance is at its peak? That is just the right time to have this kind of open conversation, and then to follow through by sitting down with a family law expert and drafting the legal document.

Even if you end up divorced for an ugly reason, the existence of the prenup can de-ugly the situation to a great extent. Naturally, not all of the good or bad things can be covered by prenuptial agreements in Nevada, so you should spend some time making your wish list and then talking to an attorney about them. If something is not able to appear on the prenup, don’t let it be a deal breaker, but do find some way of addressing that situation.

For example, if you are worried about child custody issues in the event of a divorce, it can’t be handled in the prenup, but working with a good attorney can help you mediate such an issue in the event of divorce.