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Outsourced General Counsel

Legal Counsel For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Most small to mid-sized businesses find that it is not cost-effective to employ a full-time in-house attorney to handle the day-to-day legal matters that arise. In addition, hiring a business law attorney when the need arises can leave most business owners feeling as if they are scrambling for legal advice. Rosenblum Law Offices offers a solution to both of these scenarios. 

At Rosenblum Law Offices, we provide outsourced general counsel services by handling ongoing general corporate legal matters and coordinating as needed with the client’s other legal specialists, tax advisors, accountants and internal departments. Outsourcing your business' legal needs to a law firm with a team of experts in a wide range of business law experience makes good business sense. Hiring outsourced general counsel will give your business a cost-effective legal team with regular and inexpensive access to the legal expertise you require for your legal needs as they arise.

What is outsourced general counsel?

Our outsourced general counsel fulfill similar roles to having an in-house attorney, without the unnecessary cost and overhead of hiring a full-time employee. Hiring our attorneys as outsourced general counsel gives your business access to legal services that would normally be performed by a staff attorney. Outsourced general counsel provides comprehensive legal support to your company's owners, board of directors, executive management, sales, human resources, finance, administrative and operations personnel. 

What types of matters will outsourced general counsel handle?

Our outsourced general counsel can meet the regular routine legal needs of small and mid-sized business clients. Routine matters handled by outsourced corporate counsel include such matters as contract drafting, review and negotiation; drafting and modifying employment agreements and independent contractor agreements; reviewing and drafting buy-sell agreements; reviewing and implementing corporate governance procedures; drafting and revising corporate bylaws, operating agreements, and partnership agreements, preparing corporate minutes and resolutions; assisting in corporate restructuring, dissolution and mergers; providing on-going legal assistance for minor matters. 

What matters are not included with the Outsourced Corporate Counsel flat fee?

While our outsourced corporate counsel handle routine legal matters for small and mid-sized businesses, every once in awhile a business may be faced with a legal situation that requires legal work that is outside of the scope of the flat fee agreement for our business clients. These matters include but are not limited to mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, arbitration or other administrative proceeding, and other matters. Because our firm represents businesses and business owners, we can handle matters outside of our outsourced corporate counsel flat fees in an efficient manner. Matters that fall outside of the scope of the flat fee arrangement are typically billed on a project by project basis. 

What are the benefits of having outsourced general counsel?

Outsourcing your legal needs to an experienced law firm not only brings a cost savings to your business but it still provides you with top-notch legal representation. Outsourcing gives your business access to a full service law firm and all of the firm's resources at a reasonable cost. Outsourcing also saves you the cost and expense of hiring an in-house attorney and the necessary support staff. Rosenblum Law Offices outsourced general counsel have the tools and support necessary to represent your legal needs without additional cost to you. Paying a flat monthly fee for legal services also takes away the guesswork and over-billing that often occur with hiring an outside law firm that may bill you by the hour. Finally, outsourcing your legal needs will allow for more effective legal representation as Rosenblum Law Offices will be familiar with your business, your corporate style and your company's affairs. 

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