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Nevada Divorce Lawyers

Ending a marriage is never something we take lightly. At Rosenblum Law Offices, our Nevada Divorce Attorneys don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to divorce cases and we wont use a one-size-fits-all approach with your divorce litigation. Our goal is to handle the legal matters and reduce the stress and anxiety you are likely already feeling about the changes in your life.

Getting a divorce can be an incredibly stressful time in a person’s life. Dissolving a marriage is often a difficult decision especially if there are children, significant assets and other financial considerations involved.

The Nevada Divorce Lawyers at Rosenblum Law Offices are here to help make the decision to divorce easier for you. Our office can answer all of your questions involving contested and uncontested divorces. We evaluate each individual case considering your needs, your expectations and your hopes for the future. Our goal is to work with you to help protect your legal rights and improve your life so that you obtain the best outcome for yourself and your child.

Where do I file for divorce in Nevada?

Nevada law requires that you must be a Nevada resident for at least six (6) weeks prior to your filing for divorce. In addition, Nevada divorce law requires that your divorce be filed in the county within which you reside.

If you and your spouse have separated and now live in different counties or even in different states, you can still file for divorce where you live. However, we strongly suggest you meet with one of our experienced Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers to discuss the benefits of filing in Clark County, Nevada and to discuss the possible benefits of filing elsewhere.

Does my spouse get half if I Divorce in Nevada?

The answer is “it depends.” Under Nevada’s community property laws, assets and debts spouses acquire during marriage generally belong equally to both of them, and they must divide them equally in divorce. In diving assets and debts during a divorce, the Court will consider three (3) things:

Was the property acquired during the marriage with community funds?

What is the value of the property?

Should the property be divided equally?

The Court will consider a variety of factors when distributing assets and debts during a marriage. Therefore, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced Las Vegas divorce lawyer on your side.

How will the judge handle Custody during our Nevada Divorce?

This is a complicated and difficult question to answer and the answer largely depends upon your specific set of circumstances. As a general proposition, the Court will assume joint custody is in the best interest of your children at the time of the divorce. However, various factors can be considered for one party to be awarded primary physical custody such as: a nomination by a parent for one parent to have primary custody, history of domestic violence, history of child abuse or endangerment, abandonment, stability and other factors. Again, it is important to have an experienced Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer on your side to help navigate the complicated waters of child custody while going through a divorce.

Why Hire Us For Your Nevada Divorce?

A divorce does not always have a straightforward resolution  and the results of a divorce can affect you for years to come. Obtaining changes to custody, visitation, support and asset and debt division can be difficult if your case is not handled correctly from the beginning. A Las Vegas divorce lawyer at Rosenblum Law Offices can help you find a resolution to a number of family law related areas such as:

  • Contested divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Property and Debt Division
  • Spouse Support
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Post divorce decree matters

Our Nevada divorce lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of family law. We have handled over 2,000 family law matters and have conducted close to 100 family law trials. Let our experience help protect your rights.

If you are going through a divorce contact us today for an initial consultation. We represent clients throughout Summerlin, Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We employ common sense and attempt to cost-effectively resolve disputes. When the need arises, however, we are prepared to litigate and take matters to trial. Don’t wait. Call us today at (702) 433-2889 or fill out our on-line form for more information.