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Moving Violations & Speeding Tickets

The Rosenblum Law Office traffic ticket attorneys can appear in court for you and we can prevent points on your driving record and increases to your auto insurance. Rosenblum Law Attorneys are experienced in traffic law and have successfully negotiated speeding tickets, warrants and DUI for over ten years in the Greater Las Vegas Area.

  • No Traffic School!
  • No Traffic Court!
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Let our experienced Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney go to court for you! Our Attorneys will work with you step by step in the handling of your traffic offense and will aggressively defend your driving record.


Traffic Ticket Lawyers – Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a traffic ticket is a pain and most people think it is just a fact of life. However, receiving a traffic ticket can cause your insurance rates to go up, can cause your driver’s license to be suspended or revoked and can be used against you in a civil lawsuit if the traffic ticket is not handled correctly. Failing to pay attention to your traffic ticket can also result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. We have prepared this article to discuss the frequently asked questions about Nevada traffic tickets.

What types of traffic citations are there?

In Nevada, there are three types of traffic tickets or citations which include:

1. Parking citations
2. Non-moving violations
3. Moving violations

What is a parking citation?

A parking violation usually involves a minor infraction. This can include parking in a handicap spot without a placard or appropriately designated handicap plate, parking in a metered space without paying for it and parking within 20 feet of a fire hydrant.

Usually, parking citations can be resolved in exchange for paying a fine. They do not carry any demerit points and will not go against your driving record. In most cases, it is not necessary to have a traffic ticket attorney handle a parking citation.
What is a non-moving violation?

A non-moving violation usually involves an issue regarding the whether you are legally allowed to drive. The most common non-moving violations include illegal cell phone use while driving, driving without proof insurance or a valid driver’s license and failing to use a seatbelt.

Most non-moving violations are misdemeanors that prosecutors will agree to resolve for a fine. However, convictions for misdemeanors in Nevada can potentially carry up to six months in jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines.

What is a moving violation?

Moving violations are the most common types of a traffic tickets. These types of violations include running red lights, speeding, failing to stop at stop sign, making an illegal U-turn, DUI, reckless driving and aggressive driving.

Moving violations are usually misdemeanors but depending on the severity of the violation may be a felony. They usually carry substantial fines, possible jail time, result in points against your driving record and may cause your insurance rates to go up. It is strongly recommended that individuals receiving a traffic ticket for a moving violation consult an attorney.

Should I hire a traffic ticket lawyer to help me?

Anyone that has received a traffic ticket should definitely consult with an attorney. There are many reasons to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. First, prosecutors are more likely to negotiate with a traffic ticket lawyer. Most prosecutors will likely reduce the ticket, might reduce the fine and may even dismiss the ticket if you are represented by a lawyer. Second, if you go alone, you may find that it may take several court appearances to resolve your case and the prosecutors may not be willing to negotiate on the citation. Third, if you just decide to plead guilty and pay the fine, you could end up with points on your record, increased insurance rates, a suspended driver’s license, and the possibility that traffic citations could be used against you in a civil lawsuit.

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is usually inexpensive. Hiring a good traffic ticket lawyer usually means you will not have to go to Court. A good traffic ticket lawyer may be able to have your citation reduced such that you will not have points on your record or any increase in your insurance rates.

Why should I hire you to handle my traffic ticket?

At Rosenblum Law Offices, we have been representing folks with traffic tickets for fifteen years. Our office has handled hundreds of traffic ticket cases. Further, our attorneys include a former traffic ticket prosecutor who knows the ins and outs of negotiating traffic tickets for our clients. Finally, our office will review your case and advise you as to whether or not you really need to hire a lawyer to represent you. Believe it or not, there are unscrupulous traffic ticket lawyers out there who will take your money even though your ticket has been automatically reduced by the State. Our office will not take your money unless we believe we can truly help you.

If you have a received a traffic ticket, call our office today. Our traffic ticket lawyers can help you for as little as $25.00.


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