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Businesses that cannot collect payment for the goods and services they provide are doomed to fail. In addition, most businesses spend 80% of their time seeking to collect payment from 20% of their customers who either pay late or don't pay at all. Paying late is one thing, but if you have some accounts that are beyond a 180-day period, it is time to get a business debt collection attorney to help you recoup your monies owed. If you need help you can count on a commercial business debt collection attorney at Rosenblum Law Offices.

Our business collection attorneys offer experienced debt collection help to businesses in Las Vegas and Clark County. Our professional and aggressive business collection attorneys will pursue your business debt. We don't get paid unless we collection. Attorney collectors are known to achieve 50% greater collection rates than a debt collection company. Contact us today at (702) 433-2889 to learn more about how our business debt collection attorneys can help you recover your business assets and accounts receivable.

When should I hire a debt collection attorney?

Managing late payments from valued clients can be difficult for any business. Trying to collect payment from trusted clients can ruin any business-client relationship; however, as a business owner you cannot stay in business without being paid for your work. Thus, it becomes difficult to know when to take the next step and hire an attorney to collect for you. Consider these steps when deciding whether to hire a debt collection attorney:

It is important to have proper communication with your client especially when they are paying late. Most customers want to pay their bills but they need communication with you. Reach out to these customers and make payment arrangements for them. Consider accepting partial payments or deferred payments to get your customer back on track. Make arrangements for your client to make partial payments if you are so inclined. 

If your client is dodging your communications or continues to pay late (or not pay at all), it is time to hire a debt collection attorney. A debt collection attorney can take steps to help obtain payments from your non-paying clients. 

How long should I wait until I hire a debt collection attorney?

Most businesses wait twice as long as they should before hiring a debt collection attorney. Of course, you are hopeful your client will pay or you simply don't want to ruin your relationship with you client by getting lawyers involved; however, it is important to remember that you can't stay in business if you aren't paid for your work. In addition, for every 30 days you wait to collect, your chances of collection drop by at least 10%. 

If you aren't sure about hiring a lawyer for your debt collection, there are two steps you can take before implementing collection procedures. The first is to send a demand letter by certified mail requesting that your customer make payment arrangements. The second option is to hire an attorney to send a demand letter. Usually, customers who receive a demand letter from a lawyer are likely to pay.

If none of these options work, you can still hire a debt collection attorney to pursue the monies owed to you. 

 How much do you charge for business debt collection?

Our business debt collection attorney do not charge you anything unless we collect. The earlier you place your past due business accounts with us the more money you will save. Depending on how delinquent your client's bill, will depend on the fee percentage we charge. As a general guideline, for accounts that are less than 120 days past due, we charge 20% per $1,000 assigned. For accounts that are 121 - 180 days past due, we charge 25% per $1,000 assigned. For accounts that are more than 180 days past due, we charge 30% per $1,000 assigned. If a lawsuit becomes necessary, we don't charge you unless we collect. 

Why should I hire your firm to collect my business debt?

Our debt collection attorneys know the rules, procedures and regulations that can get you your money in the fastest and most ethical way. Our team has a strong recovery rate for debt collection of over 80%. If a lawsuit becomes necessary, you will know that your accounts are with trusted and experienced trial attorneys who have handled thousands of contested cases. If you or someone you know needs to collect a business debt, call us today at (702) 433-2889 or fill out our on-line form for more information.