Establishing Legal Guardianship of a Child

There are multiple situations in which a child needs a legal guardian. Sometimes a parent will move out of the state for work and refuses to separate their child from their home here in Las Vegas. Other times, both parents may be deemed unfit caregivers and guardianship of a child is needed until the issue with their parents can be sorted out. In both cases, consent from the parents is taken into consideration, as well the relationship the child has with the guardian-to-be.

When/If Consent Is Given

If the parent consents to granting the rights of legal guardianship for a child, paperwork will need to be filed in a Las Vegas courthouse. If you have an interest in gaining these rights, you will need to file the paperwork stating your interest in the case and paying any filing fees. After your paperwork is received and looked over, an interview will be scheduled with you, the parent, and occasionally the child.

During this interview, they will make sure you are deemed an appropriate caregiver. The interview will include multiple sections that will help determine your eligibility. Making sure you are of legal age for a guardian (18+), making sure you actually care about the child, and many other factors will play a part in your case.

The well-being of the child is the first thing anyone involved in the case is thinking about. If you are to be granted guardianship, you will need to prove that this is a priority for you as well.

Naming a Specific Guardian

If you are the parent and you are looking to give guardianship to an individual of your choosing in Vegas, you will need to write a letter stating your wishes for the individual to gain those rights. This often occurs between parents switching rights to the other, or other family members gaining these rights. Make sure you choose someone that won’t be deemed unfit, as well as finding someone that will take care of your child as well as you would, if not better.

They will be subjected to the same process mentioned above, which includes interviews, questioning, and background checks to make sure they are financially responsible and don’t have any previous or current charges against them.

With your letter of consent, you should attach a reason for wanting to grant someone guardianship rights. This will help move the process along and keep things as smooth as possible. In this letter, you should state your child’s thoughts on this whole ordeal, as well as their blessings—if they did indeed give said blessings.

Don’t lie in this letter, because the truth will eventually come to light. Just be honest and make sure it comes from the heart. This is an emotional process, so take your time and state your wishes thoroughly.

Stay for the entire process and don’t simply abandon your child with someone. You most likely didn’t make this decision on a whim, so take your time and make sure the process is done correctly.