Don’t Just Hire a Good Divorce Attorney, Hire THE BEST Divorce Attorney (For You)

In my practice as a divorce attorney, I have often been referred to as a fighter, a pitbull, and many times even the “B” word. I’m not sure that these descriptions mean that I’m a better attorney than other divorce lawyer, but when I ask my clients why they feel my practice is better than others, the results are often the same. Likewise, the criticisms about other divorce attorneys are equally the same.  If you are looking for “the best divorce attorney” you should consider this list when deciding to hire an attorney for your case:

The Best Divorce Attorney Will Tell You Things You Don’t Want to Hear

I repeatedly tell clients that my job is to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. In my opinion, divorce cases often resolves faster, and are much less expensive, when an attorney is honest with their client about possible problems in a case and potential outcomes. While it may not be the best news for my clients, I believe that telling a client what they need to know, and not what they want to hear is always the best policy. For example, I often tell clients “no you cant get sole custody” “no you cant quit your job to avoid paying support” “yes, your house is going to have to be sold” “no the judge probably isn’t going to give you attorney’s fees.”

 If you are interviewing divorce attorneys and you are being told that everything you are asking for can happen and that the attorney can get it for you, you should run, not walk, out of their office. Attorneys that want to fight and aren’t honest with their client about potential outcomes, are either inexperienced in divorce law OR are just interested in your money or both.

While it may feel like an attorney telling you bad news means the lawyer is not on your side, this cannot be further from the truth. The best divorce attorney is looking out for your best interests including finding ways to save you money during your divorce, time in the divorce process and keeping you from appearing unreasonable to a judge. The best divorce attorneys will have no problem delivering news clients may not want to hear.

The Best Divorce Attorneys Get Along With Other Divorce Attorneys.

I have had clients come to my office after hiring a divorce lawyer to complain that their lawyer was “too friendly” with the other side’s attorney. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Attorneys that can get along with other attorneys mean that the attorney is respected and is probably seen as a reasonable individual. Attorneys that don’t get along with other divorce attorneys are often viewed as difficult, aggravating and probably unscrupulous. To a client, a lawyer that has a hard time getting along with other attorneys, can end up costing you a great deal of money because usually the non-cooperation between lawyers means fees increase and bitter feelings are exaggerated. It should also be said that a win at all costs lawyer is often known to judges to be unreasonable and sometimes unethical. Hiring such an attorney can reflect on the clients as well.

The Best Divorce Attorney Will Make a Client Feel Better, Not Worse About Their Case.

In hiring a divorce attorney, you should talk to several different lawyers. Finding the best attorney for you, means finding the divorce attorney  that you feel comfortable with. Leaving the consultation, you should feel a sense of relief about the divorce attorney and the conversation you had. You should leave feeling as though your questions were answered and that your case is in good hands. Your divorce is too important to leave having any other feeling than a positive one about the divorce attorney.

The Best Divorce Attorneys Have Experience With Your Kind of Case.

Let’s be honest, attorneys, especially divorce attorneys love to tell “war stories.” Most lawyers can talk for hours about prior cases and what happened. When you interview potential divorce attorneys for your case, you should ask if they have handled a case like yours before. The best divorce attorneys have handled many cases, before many different judges, over a period of time. The best divorce attorneys are prepared for potential problems in cases like yours and will know how to deal with them. Finding a divorce attorney that has no “war stories,” should be a sign that the attorney is not familiar with your particular type of case or may not be comfortable handling your matter. Finding an experienced divorce attorney will save you time and money when it comes to resolving your divorce.

There are a lot of lawyers out there and a lot of attorneys who think they can handle divorce law because “how hard can it really be?” Separating the best divorce attorneys from the rest can be a challenge. High fees aren’t always a sign that you are hiring the best divorce attorney for your case. We hope these tips have helped you when considering a divorce attorney. If you are considering hiring a divorce attorney, we can help.