Dealing With the Issue of Child Neglect in Las Vegas

It is difficult to imagine that there are some who might want to get into debates about the meaning of child neglect, but it is, sadly, common enough that many websites and articles specifically define it for those with questions or concerns.

Neglect occurs if a parent or guardian (or even someone who is simply responsible for a child’s welfare) has deprived the child or abandoned them. This can mean leaving them without supervision, protection, food, medical care or other “necessities”.

The formal explanation of child abuse in Las Vegas is when someone knowingly causes physical or mental harm to a child. It is also a form of abuse to neglect a child by depriving them of the necessities of life or by putting them in any hazardous situations. This means that child neglect in Las Vegas qualifies as abuse.

Even with a standard definition of child abuse and neglect, there are still situations that are vague. For instance, guardians who use nontraditional medical remedies are allowed to do so within the state’s laws (as long as that remedy is recognized by the state as suitable to traditional medical care), and as long as the guardian acts in good faith. Should a child die as a result of neglect (like using nontraditional medicine), it cannot become a homicide charge in the way that abuse charges can.

The Sum Total

If you are facing charges of child neglect in Las Vegas, the first step is to get a qualified attorney. If you suspect someone else of child neglect in Las Vegas you may also want to consult with a legal professional. The courts know that many people are falsely accused, and not just by adults but by children themselves, and things can become very confusing on both sides.

Authorities also know that a pattern of neglect is nothing to ignore. For example, a recent story of neglect in Las Vegas did result in a charge of abuse or neglect when the mother of a two-year-old allowed other children to monitor him near a hot tub. The children went off to play, leaving the toddler behind, and he drowned moments later.

While this particular incident was an accident, the Clark County Department of Family Services had previous referrals for the family on file. In 2009 and twice in 2010, the family had reports of neglect and abuse, but the allegations were determined to be unfounded. Clearly, in hindsight, there was some sort of neglect occurring, and yet the earlier lack of charges reflect the kind of confusion that can exist around neglect and abuse.

Even with the confusion, the state of Nevada does not take such issues lightly. If you have been arrested on charges of child neglect, you must obtain legal counsel immediately. Work with a family law firm that has expertise in this area for the best results. No matter the details of your case, it is in your best interests to work with a legal expert who understands the many facets of this area of the law and who can help you through the process.