Control Your Dog!

My dogs are currently in training with Tino Sanchez at Peace Love & Pitbulls. Yes, I am a pitbull owner. My dogs are loving, loyal and pretty good listeners; however, my dogs will defend me, themselves and each other if they feel they are under attack. That includes biting your little, yappy, unleashed dog.

Yesterday, we attended our training class at Charlie Frias Park near the dog park – it is good for my dogs to practice their manners around uncontrolled animals barking and running wild. In participating in this class, it simply amazed me as to how many dog owners visit dog parks and don’t know that leash laws apply, even at a dog park.

The City of Henderson’s leash law specifically state “It shall be unlawful for any person having charge, custody or control of any dog or other animal, or any fowl, to permit the same to run at large or trespass on the private premises of another, or to be on any public highway, street, alley, court, public ground, or unfenced lot.” Clark County’s leash law states that all dogs which are not on the premises of their owners must be leashed at all times. This means even when you are walking your dog into the dog park, your dog must be on a leash.

While your dog may be small, under your control and even harmless, it doesn’t mean that my dog, or someone else’s dog, doesn’t see your dog as a threat. If my dog is on a leash, and your small, uncontrolled, yappy dog runs up to my dog, gets in my dog’s face, and gets bit it is your fault! You should not assume that every dog is friendly and you should not assume that just because you are walking into the dog park, your dog is free to roam. In fact, if your dog is not leashed, you are breaking the law and you could be responsible for any and all injuries to my leashed dog and your unleashed dog. In addition, you could be cited for your dog being off a leash and fined $250.

In a perfect world, all dogs would be friendly and loving, so would all people. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Enjoy the park and enjoy your dog, but keep your dog on a leash. I will keep mine on a leash too.