Can a Family Law Attorney Help You?

No one looks forward to the day that they might need a lawyer, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared with one that you trust in the Las Vegas area. The type of attorney that you need may vary, depending on the type of case you have. Now, don’t let the title of a lawyer fool you. Family law doesn’t strictly limit a lawyer to divorces and negotiations of visitation rights, as some may think. Their ability to handle a wide variety of cases is something you should consider when looking for a lawyer.

What CAN They Do?

As I mentioned before, these lawyers do handle divorces and negotiate visitation rights for the two parties; however, contrary to popular belief, family law attorneys aren’t quick to take each case to court. Their main goal is to reach an agreement between the two parties. Usually, the two parties tend to be members of the same family. This is why there is such an emphasis on staying out of court. Being as civil as possible is important because family matters are sensitive and tend to get heated. If the disagreement can’t be handled in a civil matter, the case will be taken to court and the decision will be left to a local family judge.

In addition to divorce and visitation rights, family law attorneys will also tackle cases that have anything to do with child support, paternity rights, and even prenuptial agreements. Yes, they handle prenuptial agreements, in order to protect families before they become a family. Divorce isn’t something couples like to think about while planning a wedding, but with divorce rates being so high these days it should be discussed and taken care of. This is common among the famous and wealthy, but is available for any soon to be married couples.

Adoption is among the wide spectrum of cases that a family law attorney can handle. Beyond normal cases of adoption and the legalities that surround them, sometimes grandparents or other family members look to adopt their grandchildren when the parents are deemed unfit. As you can tell, there isn’t much they can’t handle when it comes to family matters.

… But, What ELSE Can They Do?

Family law attorneys can also handle some criminal cases. Domestic abuse is a form of criminal case that they tackle, as well as restraining orders. These are extremely sensitive cases, so finding a lawyer that sub-specializes in this field is important. Not every family law attorney will be able to help with these matters. It is crucial to find one with experience and success with these specific cases that also happens to be located in Las Vegas.

Doing the Research

You should always have an attorney that you can call when you’re in need, but if the circumstance is dire, you should still try to find one that is the right fit for you. Look around and talk to multiple lawyers. This way, you’ll find a better fit for your personal situation. Most reputable firms will offer free consultations. Again, take your time and consider your choices. Your attorney will be with you through the whole ordeal, so it’s best to make a smart decision.