4 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Small Business Attorney

If you own a small business, chances are you are going to need to consult with an attorney and probably even hire one at some point. The question most small business owners ask is “when is the right time to hire a small business attorney?” 

In our opinion, there probably is no “right time” to hire a lawyer. We do know that hiring a small business attorney should be considered at very specific times throughout your business cycle especially if you cannot afford to keep a lawyer on staff or you do not want to pay for outsourced general counsel. 

We have included a list of four scenarios when it is absolutely essential that you have a small business attorney advise you and even represent you: 

#1 You are starting your business or changing your business structure

One of the first things small business owners do is decide the structure of their business. Will you become a C corporation or an LLC? Should you even incorporate at all? These are questions that a small business attorney can help you answer. In addition to deciding the type of corporate structure your small business should have, a small business attorney can help you create the necessary documents to make your business legitimate and help you file the right paperwork with the City, County and State to ensure your business opens with all of the correct licensing.

#2 You are dealing with employment issues.

Having a small business may eventually mean hiring employees. Hiring a small business attorney can help you decide when to use employment contracts and structure non-competition agreements. A small business attorney can also guide you about whether an employee is considered an employee as opposed to an independent contractor. Some small business attorneys can offer legal advice about unemployment related issues as well as discrimination issues. If you are facing an employee lawsuit or suing an employee, you should strongly consider consulting with a small business attorney.

#3 You are drafting or negotiating a contract.

Most businesses will enter into contracts whether they are contracts with employees, contracts with vendors, leases or contracts with other businesses. Having a small business attorney on your side, can help you review these contracts to understand their terms and the associated legal consequences. A small business attorney can also help you negotiate the terms of these contracts so that you receive better terms than originally proposed.

#4 Your business is sued or your business needs to file a lawsuit.

If your small business has been served with a lawsuit or if your business needs to sue an employee, another business or collect debts from customers, it is in your best interest to hire a small business attorney. Attorneys know the law and know how to navigate the Court system. An experienced small business attorney can help advise you on the fastest way to resolve your litigation and should provide you with sound legal advice to avoid future litigation.

A good small business attorney can be a business owner’s best friend in certain situations. If you don’t already have a relationship with one, think about finding one now so you will know who to call when the need arises.

If you or someone you know is in need of a small business attorney, we can help. Call our offices today at (702) 433-2889 or fill out our on-line form for more information. Let our experience and trusted small business lawyers work for you.

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