Advantages to Nevada LLCs

Nevada is one of the best places to incorporate an LLC in the United States. (We know – Nevada!) The reason is that the Nevada government became purposely focused on programs to attract businesses to the State. In particular, Nevada business laws give significant advantages to LLCs and Corporations that are not offered in other jurisdictions. 

If you are considering incorporating your LLC, you should strongly consider doing so in Nevada. This article addresses some of the advantages Nevada offers LLCs. 

1.     Nevada’s tax code is among the most generous in the country when it comes to LLCs. Nevada does not tax corporate or LLC profits. In addition, Nevada has no personal income tax. Nevada also does not tax corporate shares or LLC ownerships while many states do tax individual shares in a company. 

2.     Nevada strongly protects LLC owner privacy. Another advantage to incorporating your LLC in Nevada is that Nevada does not make business owners a matter of public record. Your ownership interest in a business can remain completely anonymous.

3.    Nevada has strong individual protections for LLC owners. Nevada’s privacy protections make it very difficult for someone to sue LLC owners. While the protections are not absolute, it can be very very difficult to find and sue an LLC owner. In addition, Nevada laws make it difficult to hold officers and directors of an LLC personally liable for the LLCs mistakes or bad business decisions. 

4.     Nevada laws allow LLCs to purchase, own and sell shares of the LLC. This may not seem that important but not all states allow LLCs to own their own shares. These are commonly referred to as treasury shares. Being able to transfer, purchase and own shares allows the LLC another option to resolve disputes that involve claims against the LLC. 

5.     A Nevada LLC may issue stock and determine the valuation of its shares. Again, not all states allow LLCs such power. This very important right means that a Nevada LLC can issue shares to employees and others for services rendered. It gives power to the organizers of the LLC to value and issue shares as they see fit. 

If you are someone you know is considering incorporating your LLC in Nevada, contact our office today at (702) 433-2889 to discuss the benefits. You can also fill out our on-line form for more information. We can help. 

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