How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

How Much Is My Divorce Going to Cost?

If you are asking what the price of a divorce will cost you, you are in the wrong place. This is the wrong question to be asking and it is a good thing you are here so that we can set the record straight.

The right question is “what do I need to do to ensure that my divorce goes smoothly, is handled efficiently, that I get sound legal advice and that my children and my future are protected?” 

Too many people hire their divorce lawyer based on what it’s going to cost. While we agree that sometimes, it is best to hire a lawyer based on price, most of the time, hiring a divorce attorney based only on what it will cost is a mistake. 

The biggest problem with hiring a divorce lawyer is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Finding forms on-line, using a paralegal or hiring the cheapest firm may result in disaster. When that happens, you may be left suffering the consequences for years to come. 

What seems like a simple form, or a simple case for the cheapest lawyer in town to handle, may result in multiple hearings, your divorce being delayed, you paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary support, and might even result in you paying your spouse’s attorney’s fees. 

When you hire me, you aren’t paying for documents or even for a quick fix. You are hiring me for my guidance throughout one of the most difficult times in your life. You are hiring me to protect you, including your assets, your debts and even your children. When you hire me, you aren’t paying for time or paper, you are hiring an ally, a fighter and an experienced litigator who is truly invested in finding the best outcome for you. 

I don’t charge for divorces. I charge for advice, guidance, counsel and support. The divorce decree is free.

My process begins with our Divorce Litigation Strategy Session. Before this Session, you will receive a package of information for you to complete so you can benefit from your time with me the most. Whether I ever prepare a complaint for divorce or write your divorce decree, I want to ensure that our interactions are valuable to you and that you get the most from each interaction. 

I’ll review your completed packet before we meet and then we will invest our time together in exploring your options for divorce, considering your assets, debts and children and discuss the best future for you. You will feel heard, cared about, educated, and empowered to make the best decisions for you and the people and things that matter most in your life.

Once we have spent our time together, I will offer you various options for moving forward. You are empowered to choose the path of litigation that best fits your needs. So while I won’t tell you what it is going to cost, I can tell you this, you should expect your divorce to cost between $1,500 and $10,000. The option you choose will be customized to your needs based on the information we discuss and path you choose for your divorce. 

By this point you should be asking, if I don’t choose my lawyer based on price, how should I choose? Probably the best way to find a divorce lawyer is to get referrals. Ask family and friends who they would recommend. Do research on-line, with other professionals and in your locale to determine who stands out.

Simply asking, “What do you charge for a divorce?” does not get you what you need to know to make a smart decision for your future. The better question and the most important question for you is “what do I need to do to ensure that my divorce goes smoothly, is handled efficiently, that I get sound legal advice and that my children, my rights and my future are protected?”

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Sandra Hexner

8/25/2017 11:21:41 AM

Thanks for the help to find a good lawyer for my sister's divorce. She is very concerned with price, but also wants to be sure everything is fair. You make a great point that price based searching won't get her the quality of work she is expecting and that she should look into referrals. Thanks again and I'll be sure to show her your article.

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