Why Do I Need An Attorney For My Divorce?

Many people getting a divorce, or even contemplating divorce, ask "why should I hire a divorce lawyer?" Often, people file on their own and learn about divorce from the internet, friends, books or even clerks at the Courthouse. A do-it-yourself divorce may be acceptable in some limited circumstances but there are many reasons to hire a divorce lawyer and even some circumstances where hiring a divorce attorney is critical. 

Hiring a Divorce Attorney Will Help You Avoid Delays Because They Know the Process

Even with “self-help” guidelines and forms, a do-it-yourself divorce can still have problems and delays especially if documents are not filled out correctly or are incorrectly filed. A person going through a divorce with a lawyer usually finds the paperwork less intimidating and an experienced divorce attorney can often move the paperwork through the Courthouse quickly thereby avoiding unnecessary delays in your divorce case. 

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Provide Expert Advice

An experienced attorney can help you make certain that you receive accurate and sound advice through each step of your divorce. Do-it-yourself websites ,friends who have been divorced and even court clerks may not be familiar with the specific laws that may apply to your circumstances. If your marriage has any complicated issues to settle, an attorney can be an invaluable resource. An experienced attorney can provide the expert advice you need to complete your divorce. 

A Well Qualified Divorce Lawyer Can Reduce Stress Associated With A Divorce

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. Hiring an attorney to complete a divorce is one way to reduce the stress of the divorce. While the attorney will need to gather information from you, he or she will take care of almost everything else, allowing you more time to take care of yourself and your family. You have enough things to worry about when you are getting divorced, let an attorney take care of the legal work.

A Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney Can Help You Create Clear and Binding Agreement

Many times people return to Court because they drafted their own divorce documents. Often documents created by non-lawyers are confusing or lack specificity and require a Court to either interpret your divorce documents or hear a trial to make determinations about how your divorce document should be enforced. By hiring a knowledgeable attorney, you can be certain that the legal documents presented to the court will accurately state your wishes and that the divorce decree will be free of errors or unclear language that may make parts of the agreement difficult or impossible to enforce.

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