Avoiding False Child Abuse Allegations

Any sane person would agree that child abuse is a terrible dilemma faced by children worldwide. Children should feel free and open to report any form of child abuse and those charged with child abuse will face justice. What about false child abuse claims? Unfortunately, this is a growing trend and more unsuspecting adults are being tried for child abuse when they haven’t committed such crimes. Whether the accusations are from the child themselves, an angry ex-spouse, or anyone who may wish to cause harm to the individual, there are steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim.

What to Do

Avoid being in a room with a child without another adult present. If these allegations arise, the other adult can serve as a witness to your innocence. If you feel that you are at risk of being accused of abuse from your spouse during a divorce, continue to avoid being alone with your child. As unfair as it may seem, wait until the whole case has been resolved and make sure you understand the guidelines to your visitations in Las Vegas, if you were not awarded custody.

You should also try to avoid antagonizing your current or ex-spouse. Tensions rise during a divorce and it’s easy to lose your temper. The best advice anyone could give you is to swallow your pride and keep each party as happy as possible.

Being as civil as possible and solving your divorce outside of court can soothe any vengeful thoughts from your ex-spouse. Try to negotiate any terms with a mediator or with equal minded, non-aggressive representation found in Las Vegas. It’s amazing how much easier the divorce can be if both sides can somehow agree. Relations between both parents will continue the trend of understanding. This will in turn benefit the child.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Obviously, don’t give them any reason to believe that you’re abusing the child in question. This means no physical altercations, as well as not placing the child in a dangerous situation. Drugs, unsupervised use of weapons, and any situation in which the child is exposed to sexual abuse is enough for you to be charged with abuse.

If child abuse allegations are made against you, don’t let them simmer and think they will disappear. You should take action immediately to combat them. Taking a weak approach to the charges will only raise suspicion and give way to further investigation of incidents that never occurred.

If you are brought in for questioning, don’t admit to anything. You should ask for legal representation immediately and keep your mouth shut. Police will often use fear tactics, in Las Vegas and all throughout the country, to successfully charge someone with something they did not do. Whatever they promise you, don’t listen and don’t talk. They will continue to press you, so keeping your cool is highly recommended. I know, this is easier said than done, but it is in your best interest to keep your temper in check.

If everything seems to crumbling around you and nothing is going right, don’t give up. Continue to fight the allegations, because you will have a better chance of winning by doing so.