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Adoption is generally a good thing and usually a very happy day for most families. Adoptions allow for families to grow, for children to gain new parents, new siblings, and other new relatives. Likewise they allow adults the joy of expanding their family. However, the adoption process can seem daunting and confusing. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced Adoption Attorney for your Las Vegas Adoption can ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly, is handled quickly and allows for your rights to be protected. At Rosenblum Law Offices, our Las Vegas Adoption Attorneys are experienced with both private adoptions and State adoptions that occur through dependency court. We have handled hundreds of adoption cases. Let our experience work for you. We've answered some of your most frequently asked questions about adoptions here. 

Why do people adopt children?

There are many reasons why people choose to adopt. Some people are not able to have children and want to start a family of their own. Other adoptive parents were previously foster parents to children in the foster care system and want to provide those children with permanency and a stable home. Still other adoptive parents are relatives or fictive kin of the biological parents and are raising someone else's children already. In order to make their relationship permanent and legal, adoption is the only way. Regardless of the reason for adoption, it is best to have a knowledgeable and experienced Adoption Attorney on your side throughout the entire adoption process to ensure your rights and your family's future are protected. 

Can the biological parents still have contact with the child after the adoption?

The answer to this questions largely depends upon the type of adoption the adoptive parents and the biological parent want. In cases where the parents all agree to an open adoption, many times the biological parents still have some type of contact with the child. This can be through regular, in person visitation or by way of cards and letters. Closed adoptions keep the identity of the parents sealed and there is no contact between the child and the biological parents once the adoption process is complete. 

If the adoption is through a State agency, such as CPS, it will be up to the agency as well as the adoptive parents to determine whether an open adoption is in the children's best interests. For example, in cases of sexual assault or severe bodily injury to a child, there is a good chance that the State will discourage the adoptive parents from allowing contact between the child and the biological parent. 

Will I have to have a home study before the adoption is complete?

Whether or not a home study is required before an adoption is completed will depend on whether or not the adoption is a private adoption or being completed as part of a dependency case. In most dependency adoption cases, a home study will be complete before the children are placed with the adoptive parents. As a result, another home study is only required in a handful of cases. 

On the other hand, if the adoption is a private adoption, a home study may be required depending on the adoptive parent's relationship to the child being adopted. In most cases, where the adoption is being completed through a private adoption agency or whether the adoptive parent is not related to the child being adopted, a home study may be required. If the adoptive parents are related to the child, it is unlikely the Court will require a home study before the adoption is granted. 

How long will the adoption process take?

The answer here is "it depends." If the adoption is being completed as part of a CPS case, it can take as little as six (6) months but sometimes a year or longer for the adoption to be complete. This of course, assumes, that the natural parents have been terminated or that the natural parents have relinquished their parental rights. If the natural parents are fighting to keep their parental rights, you should expect the adoption process to take a minimum of eighteen months if CPS is involved.

For private adoptions, again it depends largely on how cooperative the natural parents are. If the parents have consented to the adoption, the adoption can usually be completed in a matter of months. If the natural parents do not consent to the adoption, it can take months or even years to complete the adoption process. Also if the natural parents cannot be found, this can delay the adoption process as the natural parents will need to be served by publication which can take at least six to eight weeks to complete.  Why should I hire you for my adoption?

At Rosenblum Law Offices, our Las Vegas Adoption Attorneys have handled hundreds of both private adoptions and State agency adoptions. We are skilled at negotiating open adoption agreements that protect the children, the biological parents and the adoptive resource. 

Adopting a child is a life changing decision and it is important to have sound legal advice through the adoption process. At Rosenblum Law Offices, our Adoption Attorneys can help. Call us today to discuss your adoption case at (702) 433-2889 or fill out our online form on our contact page for more information.